Technology has come along way over the past decade. With the internet here to stay, there really is no telling what we cannot achieve in this day an age. One of the greatest advances has to be without doubt… the smartphone.

Malaysia see’s a 35% penetration of smartphone users and rising.  Here are some of our favorite smartphone Activities

Smartphone Statistics Malaysia


Here at Door 2 Door Doctor, we leverage the internet to performed a good percentage of everyday tasks like online bookings, transportation management, client communication and even a good portion of our marketing. Seeing how mobile trends are undoubtedly on the rise, we found ourselves with the opportunity to leverage this everyday device to further enhance the medical healthcare industry through the development of our very own Door 2 Door Doctor App.

We had the opportunity to work closely with the Programmer Finishing School which is jointly sponsored by CodeMalaysia and the Malaysian Global Innovation Centre to develop an app that would enable patients to connect with their healthcare providers and even to source out Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapist in their area.

Magic - Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center

A Quick Pic The Programmer Finishing School Team the Our Transportation Unit


Magic Startup Academy with Door 2 Door Doctor

All Aboard!!

The App would enable you to make appointments with your care providers, keep tracking of medical appointments, listings for Locums in your are and much more.  The innovation here is that compared to other existing services that allow you to just book for a doctor, the Door2Door Doctor app will allow for a direct and two way connection between the Patient and the Doctor. With features such as cloud Invoicing,  Geolocation Matching and proprietary Personal Data Protection technologies, we hope to pioneer and innovate  the Healthcare industry.

While the app is still in the testing phase we hope to have it launched within the next 60 days. Stay in touch with our progress from our Facebook Page and we shall keep you posted on the latest as they take place.


Dr. Prathaban raju




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