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When someone falls ill and is required to to see a doctor, most of the time we end up waiting in a busy clinic or a hospital for a consultation. In public hospitals this wait can be excruciatingly long especially for someone who is not well. The private centres may offer shorter waiting times but the cost is significantly much higher.

Outpatient care  provides medical care or treatment that does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility.

Such treatments can be administered in a clinic or even at home. Common ailments such as fever, cough , mild vomiting or diarrhea and many more can be treated without much trouble without having to make a trip to the hospital.

Procedures such as blood taking, change of feeding catheters and even wound dressing are also provided in outpatient health care or also known as respite care.

The common issues faced by patients trying to consult a doctor include  lack of transport especially for those who are elderly or disabled, traffic congestion and packed parking lots, long and uncomfortable waiting time. Getting to the hospital for a healthy individual can already be quite a chore. Imagine if someone who is elderly with a debilitating heart condition or a patient who requires regular visits such as kidney failure patients who have dialysis three times a week or even a mother with a sick toddler and with a few other children to care for.

By eliminating the process of leaving your home to get treatment, all the above problems can be avoided through Outpatient Care Services.


Outpatient Healthcare can provide a nurse, physiotherapist or a doctor to make that trip to your home instead.

This reduces the risk of accidental falls while trying to get the patient into a car or down a flight of stairs. It also reduces exposure to harmful infectious diseases which are rampant in a hospital or clinic environment.

By treating the patient at home, the entire family and other caretakers will also have peace of mind and can potentially save a lot of time and money. Outpatient care has become the main focus of medicine in several more developed countries and is quickly catching on here in Malaysia.



One of the key focuses is the importance on reducing congestion in hospitals, reduces prolonged hospital stays and has shown to have better patient outcomes.More so, it help provide some comfort to the person who is ill and family members who have to take care of them.

The average amount spent on treating each disease has also shown to be significantly less. The next time you are not feeling well or have a relative that needs healthcare services, go ahead and get a house call doctor to come to your home  or book for a physiotherapist or nurse.

Get access to quality Outpatient Healthcare from the comfort of your home.

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