Pitch at Palace Malaysia 2016

We were honored to be chosen to be part of Pitch at Palace Malaysia 2016 where we pitched  our startup, Door2Door Doctor, to His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York and  Tan Sri Tony Fernandez  of Air Asia in a room full of top tier “Industry Leaders”.

The Pitch at Palace Event is a competition where startups compete for a chance to win a trip to the United Kingdom for a chance to  literally Pitch at the Buckingham Palace. However, we were all winners with guaranteed access to this audience of more than 150 High Nett Worth Individuals and their business networks.

The road up to the event included a closed door bootcamp with experts from various industries including Tan Sri Tony Fernandez.  Each startup was given 3 mins and only allowed to use a one page slide. The Bootcamp session allowed experts to critique and fine tune our pitches.

We also had the Royal opportunity of having afternoon tea with His Royal Highness and it  gave us a chance to explain what Door2Door Doctor does and how it helps improve the healthcare of the community in more detail. Unfortunately selfies were not allowed.

Pitch at Palace Malaysia Pitch Day

Door2door doctor with Tony Fernandez at Pitch at Palace Malaysia 2016

Going up against the likes of Touristly, Cristy Ng and Service Hero,..we definitely gave it our very best but did not manage to secure the top two spots for tickets to pitch at the Palace in United Kingdom.

We are looking forward to the the ability to leverage on this vauable network to continue growing Door2Door Doctor and revolutionise the way we receive healthcare.

A Big shout out to Touristly and Cristy Ng. A truly stellar pitch in deed.

Here is the recording of the Pitch at Palace Malaysia 2016 event

 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGu7MVis1cg ]

Here is a list of startups that participated

(In order of appearance)
Moneybay – A money-changing platform that enables travelers to book the best exchange rates via web or mobile.
MyCash Online – A fintech startup offering easy, secure and convenient online services to Malaysia’s massive pool of foreign workers.
Skolafund – A web platform that enables undergraduates to crowdfund their scholarships from individuals, corporates and organizations.
ServisHero – ASEAN’s leading mobile marketplace for local services, connecting customers to vetted service providers through a location-aware app.
AirShoppr – A mobile app that helps connect shoppers to local or international travelers, allowing them to buy anything at the price they want to pay.
Christy Ng – An online shoe design company that allows women from all across the world to design their dream shoes.
Edustreet123 – An online tutor-hiring platform that helps students choose the best tutors based on their preferences, reducing the disappointment of hiring the wrong tutor and likelihood of overpaying.
Zepto Express – Aims to revolutionize urban logistics and on-demand delivery by allowing every inhabitant of the city to undertake delivery tasks under its guidelines.
Glueck Technologies – Specializes in human emotion recognition software and compatible hardware solutions for out-of-home advertising.
N’osairis – A pioneer in fully automated Machine to Machine (M2M) managed services in ASEAN.
Door2door Doctor – A company that provides customized healthcare plans and medical services right at the patient’s doorstep.
ALFA and friends – A company that embraces the latest technologies to enhance the teaching experience of teachers, as well as the learning experience of children.
Touristly – A travel activity platform that helps tourists plan, book and share their own itineraries.
Loanstreet – A Malaysia-based fintech startup that provides user-friendly tools, coupled with one-on-one tele-guidance to guide users through the entire loan application and decision making process.

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