Are you planning to consult a doctor, but mulling over whether to go for a walk-in clinic or ask for a House Call Appointment? Consulting a doctor is not time-consuming as it was before. They could either go and wait for a long line in a walk-in clinic or call a doctor and schedule a visit at their own convenience. Let’s look at some of the benefits of house call doctors:

1) Convenient and Hassle-free: House Calls Revolutionize Medical Services

House call service revolutionized the way doctors provide medical service. Patients can call a doctor and book an appointment at their own convenient time. They don’t need to go out of work during office hours, to go for a clinic consultation.

2) Save more Time and Money

The consultation fees may be a bit higher compared with a walk in visit. But you have to look at things at another perspective. If you happen to consult a doctor past the office clinic hours, you will be advised to visit the emergency department of a hospital. More so, you will save time, effort, and money because you don’t have to go out of your work for a consultation. You don’t need to drive and spend money on gas and so on. When you compute it, you technically save more.

3) Safe and Free From Community-Acquired Diseases

When you go to a walk in clinic, you are not sure whether the person beside you is a carrier of an infectious disease. Thousands of people walk in and out of hospital every day, and you are not sure if any one of them is carrying a virus or other infectious disease.

Of course, you don’t want to put yourself at risk of acquiring airborne infection or any other infectious illness that can be transmitted in various means. When you are at home, you are safer against getting an infection and other community acquired diseases.

4) More Personal and Patient-Centered Service

We provide more personal and patient-centered service. The doctor will be able to focus more on the patient’s needs and problems. They have more time and interaction to discuss the medical concerns. At home, the doctor’s main concern is only you.

5) Quality and Unhurried Care

House call appointment offers more quality medical care than the hurried and fast-paced care in walk in clinics. When a doctor visits you at home, he has more time to conduct consultation and physical examination without being pressured to finish it on a designated time.

As you can see, House call doctors provide a new way of medical care. Why deprived yourself of a quality care, when you can call a house call doctor that provides a reasonable consultation fees?

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