Your neurons firing at high speed questioning many things? Below are some of
the most frequently asked questions about D2D Healthcare.
Do feel free to contact us if you need any further information.



General FAQs
  1. What is about?
    We cater for home based healthcare support services such as i) doctors, ii) nurses, iii)
    physiotherapists, iv) caregivers, v) chaperones with vans for disabled and accompanying care and vi)
    pharmacy and medicine home deliveries.
  2. What is dignified healthcare?
    We feel that residents in Malaysia should be empowered to have basic dignity of care service.
  3. Who are our clients?
    We have catered supportive healthcare services to people of all many walks of life since 2015. (Previously we are known as
  4. How do we meet the needs of the population?
    With healthcare demands on the rise in conjunction with the population trend, we wish to provide for a full range of affordable and comprehensive services.
  5. What is the Model of Care?
    Model of Care is an outline of best practice care and services through which we aim to achieve a highly patient centric, integrated, safe and high quality basic healthcare service.
  6. Where do you provide the service?
    We are currently providing services within the Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) and shall
    expand to the other states in Malaysia when we are ready to do so.
  7. What are your operating hours?
    Our customer service operational hours are 7 am till 11 pm, 7 days a week. Our office operating hours are 9 am till 6 pm (Mondays – Fridays), except on public holidays.
  8. What should you do in cases of emergency?
    Please contact your local emergency healthcare provider for immediate assistance as we currently do not provide for emergency services.
  9. Are your personal information and medical records secure?
    Yes, we strive to ensure your personal information and medical records are safe that is in conjunction with our privacy policy and terms of service.


How it works FAQs
  1. How you may contact us?

    It’s simple. Just contact us here.

  2. What information would you need to prepare before contacting us?

    The information we would require consists of the following:
    – Patient details – name, age, gender, identification number (NRIC/ Passport No.), and address.
    – Next-of-kin details – name, telephone number and relationship to patient.
    – Type of service
    – Duration of service (if applicable)
    Rest assured that you will be guided by our Patient Case Manager (PCM) throughout the process.

  3. Who will attend to your enquiries?

    Upon contacting us, you will be attended by our Patient Case Manager (PCM).
    Our PCM are medically trained and will guide you throughout the process, answering your enquiries, fulfilling your requests and following up with you throughout the period of service.

  4. What is our mode of communication?

    – E-mail
    – Phone calls
    – WhatsApp services
    – Chat service on our website
    – Chat BOT service on our website
    *depending on client’s preference

  5. What happens after the request has been placed?

    Once your request has been managed by our PCM, a price quotation will then be sent to you through e-mail or WhatsApp text message services or SMS.
    Upon agreement to the service by the patient or the client, a work order will be issued. The work order comprises the details of the service (type of service and dates) and the amount payable with terms and conditions. You may then proceed to make the payment, being aware of the cancellation and refund policies etc.

  6. How do you make the payment?

    Payment must be made to Suria Medicare Concierge Sdn Bhd (that is the owner of the brand prior to service commencement.
    You will be required to pay 50% of the total amount as deposit. The remaining 50% must be paid
    prior to the date of service.
    Failure to complete the payment will abort the booking that is with no refunds.
    If you are unsure and/or require further clarification, you are most welcome to visit our office and
    meet our Patient Case Manager (PCM).

    Mode of payment: Online banking service. You are then required to send the proof of payment to
    the PCM on whatsapp or by email.

  7. Will there be any additional charges?

    Additional charges may be applicable to the services if the travel distances are outside of our fee
    inclusion distance charges. This will be subject to discussion with our Healthcare Providers, for example based on the distance to the client’s residence.
    If additional services are required on site, new charges will apply with its own terms and conditions. This will be made known to the client prior to the need for additional charges by the PCM. Our Healthcare Providers do not perform the financial transactions as their role is to help focus only on the service for the patients and the client.

  8. How do you cancel your service?

    To cancel the service, please contact the dedicated Patient Case Manager 24 hours prior to the service commencement. Please follow the T&C closely to avoid any issues.

    Please note, however, that should you decide to do this, there will be no refund of the paid amount upon cancellation.

  9. What happens at the end of the service?

    Upon completion of service, a Completion of Service form (or on whatsapp or by email) will be given by the healthcare service providers which is to be signed by both the authorized client and the service providers themselves. This form serves to prove the completion of service with the satisfaction of the client. If you are unhappy with the services, we must be informed immediately, failing which the service is deemed to be duly delivered and accepted by the recipient of the service.


  1. Who are our doctors?
    Our doctors are general practitioners who are registered with the Malaysian Medical Council. (MMC)
    We do not provide service for medical emergencies. Please call 999 for immediate medical attention.
  2. How long will it take for House call doctors to visit?
    We will require a notice of minimum 24 hours before we can process the request.
    Once the booking has been confirmed, the patient will receive the appointment details with the doctor’s estimated arrival time. On average, we see most of our patients within 3 hours from the booking confirmation. However, this may vary depending on the circumstances. (e.g. Weather, public events (i.e. Marathons, parades) road conditions, traffic, etc.). We endeavour to try our best to keep the waiting times short.
  3. What kind of conditions are unsuitable for consultation with our House Call doctors?
    Our services are intended to handle non-emergency medical issues.
    You should contact your local emergency services immediately if your medical condition falls within the scope of emergency conditions.
    Emergency conditions include but are not limited to the following:
    i) Chest pain
    ii) Severe breathing difficulty (acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma or COPD)
    iii) Convulsions / seizures
    iv) Sudden severe abdominal pain
    v) Deep wounds with persistent bleeding
    vi) Sudden numbness/ face drooping/ weakness/ slurred speech
    vii) Trauma with suspected fracture or dislocation.
  1. Who are our nurses?
    Our nurses are experienced and accredited by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  2. What is their scope of duty?
    Below are the duties of our nurses:-
    I. Wound care
    II. Medical procedures such as changing of feeding tubes and urinary catheters.
    III. Administering injectable medications etc.
  3. How long will the nurse take to visit?
    We will require a 24-hour notice to process the request. We will then assign a nurse to meet your need based on the availability. We endeavour to try our best to keep your waiting time as short as possible.
  4. Who will provide the medical equipment required for any medical procedures?
    The cost for medical equipment such as urinary catheters, syringes, Ryle’s tubes and others will be borne by the client. You may buy the necessary equipment on your own or request the nurse to purchase them on your behalf.
  5. Can pharmacy or medicine items be bought for the patient?
    If your need items and medication to be bought from the Pharmacy or from the Hospital, we can also provide you with that service. We can also help the patient and the families by providing reminder services too.
  1. Who are our physiotherapists?
    Our physiotherapists are well experienced and handpicked to deliver a service tailored to your needs.
  2. How long will it take for the physiotherapist to visit?
    Your request will require at least 24 hours to be processed.
    Once the booking is confirmed, the session will be arranged according to the client’s preference and the physiotherapist’s availability. We endeavour to try our best to keep your waiting time as short as possible.
  3. How are the sessions planned?
    On the first session, a general assessment of the patient’s condition will be done, upon which there will be a consultation on  a suitable treatment plan.
  4. Will you be assigned the same physiotherapist for each session?
    We will try our best to assign the same physiotherapist to ensure follow up, where possible. Changes may be made upon request.
  1. Who are our caregivers?
    We do engage with local and foreign caregivers, mainly Filipinos. The main language used is English. We also have both male and female caregivers. Caregivers will be assigned based on client’s preference. Our caregivers are experienced and can cater a wide range of services from caring for an elderly person to special needs groups. They also have basic life support training in cases of emergency.
  2. What services can our caregiver provide?
    Our caregivers may assist the patient in doing activities of daily living. For instance, they are equipped to cater for the patient’s hygiene needs (such as bathing or using the toilet), dressing / undressing, feeding the patient, and to assist in the performance of basic exercises and walking.
    Our caregivers are not able to carry out medical procedures such as the giving of injectable medications or change of urinary catheter, stoma bag and tracheostomy. However, they may administer insulin injections. They are however not to be treated as a domestic helper/maid to the patient.
  3. How long will it take for the caregiver to visit?
    We will require a notice of minimum 24 hours before we can process the request. We will then assign a caregiver based on availability. We endeavour to try our best to keep your waiting time as short as possible.
    We also have 8 hours, 10 hours and 12 hours caregiver services. We also provide for 5 days
    or 6 days or 7 days full stay-in caregivers’ services too.
  1. What is a chaperone service?
    Chaperone is a person who guides the patient from home to the health facilities such as hospitals and clinics for their check up and then escorts them home. This includes facilitating them in mobility service (in vehicles that are disabled friendly) and accompanying them to the health service for the timed duration. If they need to go to the shopping mall, we can also provide them with this accompanying services too as many family members today are busy at work these days.
  2. Who needs this service?
    • Patients who need to go for their regular check-up
    • Patients who need to meet a doctor for an appointment
    • Patients who need someone to accompany them to hospital or any other health facilities
    • Patients who do not need urgent medical attention. In cases such as heart attack, status asthmaticus, stroke, and DKA, immediate medical attention is advised with transfer by paramedics to the nearest healthcare facility.
  3. Can a medical chaperone use the patient’s car to drive the patient to health facility?
    No, medical chaperones are neither allowed to drive the patient’s car nor their own car.
    • You may choose to drive the patient and chaperone to and from the healthcare facility by yourself.
    • E-hailing transport services such as GRAB etc can be used as a mode of transportation. In this context, the transportation fee shall be borne as an additional fee by the client.
  4. How are additional expenses incurred during the visit managed?Example of extra expenses that may be incurred during the visit are parking fees, snacks requested by the patient, toll payments and others.
    You may provide petty cash of up to RM50 to our chaperone.
    In the case of any expense, please be reminded to request for receipts as proof of payment and also the balance cash from our chaperone.
  5. What if the medical chaperones forget to pay back the balance?
    Please take note that the above said RM50 is mainly to be used for transportation expenses. After the service, you are advised to follow this procedure: make sure to sign the book, collect the official receipt and balance from the medical chaperone. The company will do a balance refund if is proven that medical chaperones have failed to pay the due balance in any manner.
  6. What if the service is late?
    A chaperones who comes late without reasonable justification will be duly dealt with by the company after you have promptly sent us your personal feedback. In the case of more than an hour delay, the service will be considered cancelled and rescheduled for another appointment.
  7. Will the chaperone do any stops in between for the patient?
    Other than transporting the patient to hospital and back home, there will not be any stops made in between even upon request. This abides with our safety rules and regulations in order for the chaperone to carry out his/her duties responsibly (unless this is pre-agreed to by the company). If sudden new request are required by the patient or the clients, please communicate with our PCM.
  8. Can the client request for services for designated dates, or even a month with a package?
    Yes, we do provide personalised services to cater to the specific dates needed. Please do contact us for further details regarding the rate/package for the specified dates.
  9. Do the medical chaperones have proper documents?
    Yes, all our chaperones are handpicked and are qualified with the necessary skills with proper documentation.
  1. Who can buy medicine and non-medicine from us?
    Anyone can as long as they have the prescription from the doctor that can also be acceptable to the Pharmacy.
  2. What if the patient and/or the user does not have a prescription for the medicine that requires prescription? Can that be acceptable by our Doctor and/or the Pharmacy?
    We will need to make a Doctor’s visit to see the patient if this situation is to arise as we will also need to adhere to the Pharmacy’s standard operation procedures (SOPs) too.
  3. What happens if the purchase made by the patient and/or the user is put together wrongly by our side?
    We will have a clear working trial for this that starts from the verification as well as to what the order will be. If there are errors that are on our side, we will bear for it or to change it. Likewise, it the error is from the Pharmacy, they will need to bear it or change it. Likewise, if there are anything that is not done properly by the logistics person, we will be able to trial that too for audits. If the patient and/or the user ordered wrong, we will not be responsible for the mistake. We can however voluntarily see if we can have the items exchanged that will be at the discretion of the Pharmacy while all the additional logistics and admin costs can apply accordingly.
  4. How are payments made for the purchases?
    They are to be paid to us 100% before we do the delivery. All works with come with a work order that will help to ensure that the order is what that will be delivered and signed-off for.
  5. What happens if the work order pharmacy delivery items are late for delivery?
    Our delivery person will be in communication with the patient and/or the user. We can also be contacted by the patient and/or the user for checking too.
  6. How do we charge?
    We will show our charges transparently to all patients and/or users prior to any work order bookings. We will also continue to find more and better ways to help bring down the cost for the patients and/or the users where possible.
  7. Can you order one order at a time or make multiple orders also be made that can be monthly or quarterly?
    The patient and/or the user can choose whichever way they wish. Some may wish for us to deliver the orders every once a month or some will inform us when they need items from the Pharmacy. This is for the patient and/or the user to decide on what works best for them.


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