Tan Mey Lin

(Home Caregiver service)

 I wish we had the Door2Door Doctor Services back when we were taking care of my father. It would have been so much easier than having to make regular trips to the hospital for checkups

Inderjit Kaur


 I now have a peace of mind knowing that my mum can receive her regular physiotherapy and checkups without having to rely on me due to my busy work schedule

Charlotte Jennifer Thomas

(Housecall Doctor)

  Your Services is a true necessity for anyone who is taking care of an elderly person who is going through medical problems. It was always good to have a House Call Doctor on standby for my late mother




During my early years as a fresh graduate, joining D2D has given me an opportunity to increase my network in patients, polish my skills and improve my earnings. It allows me to meet and treat more patients who requires my assistance and watching them recover brings joy & pride to me. D2D has greatly supported me in pursing my passion in this field.

Dr Eshvir


SMC is great. It gives doctors passionate about home based medical care an effective and safeway to connect to patients. It is the future of personalized medical care.



In an industry where humans are the main focus, stories of courage, fear, sadness and laughter are aplenty. I have worked in the Door2Door Doctor for three years. One of the things that has kept me going in this profession is this philosophy I have in life & to make a positive impact on everyone I come into contact with”. The importance of rehabilitation is beginning to “surface” as we approach an ageing society. If we ever get to be a “chronic disease society”, physiotherapists must take up the role to help patients improve their quality of life.



Being part of the team for almost 2 years is such a valuable experience for me. They are very friendly and helpful staff. A great place to gain experience and work as a healthcare practitioner.


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