Hi and thank you for stopping by. Over the past few months we have been tirelessly working on setting up the Door 2 Door Doctor service to address the problems and hassles faced by patients and family members alike in the commuting to hospitals and medical centers for appointments, treatments & consultations.

The Door 2 Door Doctor Vision as a way to  help those whom are in wheelchairs and/or disabled in their commute to hospitals and back. Today we are proud to say that this vision has become a reality.

We aim to provide the best possible service to our patients and clients to make their hospital travelling a pleasant and hassle free experience as well as innovate new methods to further help the community.

Here at the Door 2 Door Doctor Blog, we aim to provide information and tips to further help the community and as such , if you are here reading this article and you have a few ideas to share… be sure to leave it in the comments section below this post.

Currently we are only servicing University Medical Center & University Specialist Center located in Petaling Jaya but aim to have our services ready to roll in Government and Semi Government hospitals around Malaysia by 2019.

Thank you for stopping by once again and be sure to subscribe as well as return to our site soon to enjoy more beneficial services, tips and information regularly.

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