10419068_1453187394936892_7620081557619933065_nDoor2Door Doctor was recently featured in TheStar MetroBiz section on the 9th July 2014. We were given a generous two page spread and  a lovely write up by Mr Nevash Nair. We would like to thank them for the publicity and helping us spread the word.

We started off this service to address a real problem in our healthcare system which is little known to the healthcare professional but one which is a daily battle for the patients whom we see every day. Imagine if a elderly lady who barely would be able to walk to the toilet in her own home had to navigate herself through the maze of corridors, stairs, lifts and doors in our hospitals. This scenario is something that occurs on a daily basis and we would like to make a difference for the elderly, disabled and anyone who needs to visit a hospital on a regular basis.

Here at Door2Door Doctor we strive at providing healthcare which revolves around the patient. We will do what we can to provide our services from the comfort of your home or if necessary to transport you to the hospital in a manner that respects your integrity and understands your difficulties. Our team of Drivers will make sure you reach your destination safely, our nurses will provide care and support, our physiotherapist will rehabilitate and our Doctors will treat you. At Door2Door Doctor we have taken it as our responsibility to lead and innovate change in this industry. We aim to make the hospitals less congested with cars, reduce parking problems and reduce precious time spent in traffic jams. I am sure we all want to provide the best for our family and loved ones and here at Door2Door Doctor we will do just that.

We would like to thank all those who had called in to enquire about our services after reading the article in the newspapers. It was very touching that most of those called were made to simply thank us for providing such a service. It really reinforces that we need to have another look at the delivery of our healthcare services in Malaysia. Our patients need to have better access to their healthcare needs.


Door2DoorDoctor.com….Healthcare at your Doorstep!


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Dr Prathaban Raju

Founder ,

Suria Medical Logistics


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